Two different situations at Cedar Rapids Washington High School today resulted in 'multiple' arrests by the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

Parents of Washington High School students received an email from Principal John Cline that recapped what happened and reassured parents. The email indicated that officers from the Cedar Rapids Police Department evacuated one of the school's classrooms and searched a student who was then arrested. The email indicated the student "posed a potential threat to the school." It was later revealed the 16-year-old student had a pellet gun.

Three other Washington High School students, ages 14 to 16, were arrested after being involved in a fight in a crowded foyer of the school. The fight broke out just after school concluded for the day. Cedar Rapids Police were already on site when the fight started and immediately took action. No one involved required medical care. It was not revealed how many students were involved or how many were arrested.

Cline's email to parents indicated,

We wanted to assure students and families that CRPD, administration, and staff quickly responded and detained those who were involved with the incident.

According to the Gazette, a number of students from Washington High School recently started a campaign to combat violence at the school following an increase in fights.

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