A new movie now in theaters is based on a novel written by an Iowa native about a horrific true story.

The movie, 'The Ravine,' is based on the events in a novel written by Urbandale native Robert Pascuzzi in 2014.

'The Ravine' explores what led to a nightmarish event and what happened afterward. A woman, Rachel, and her son, Evan, are murdered and the body of their husband and father is found in a ravine shortly after. He had committed suicide after killing them. It left a community shocked and bewildered. What happened to lead this man to do such terrible things and end his own life? That's only part of the story.

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The Pascuzzi's were friends with the family, and as you might imagine, were completely devastated by the double murder and suicide. Robert Pascuzzi, and his wife Kelly, thought that it was so important to tell the story on the big screen that they paid for the film themselves, according to KSHB.

The trailer for the movie below made my spine tingle when I watched it. 'The Ravine' website describes the movie as "a story of faith, forgiveness, and most of all, the restoration of hope." KSHB says "The film is inspired by the true story of how the Pascuzzis found a positive meaning and learned to forgive."

A trailer's job is to make you want to watch a movie. This one definitely does that.

'The Ravine' is showing in very few theaters. Hopefully, it will expand, or come to streaming services.

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