Morgan Wallen has emerged as country music's next big superstar. His new double album 'Dangerous' set streaming records, and sits atop the Billboard 200 all genre album chart for the second straight week. One thing is for sure, it's the biggest country album of the year. And I'm talking size here. 'Dangerous' is whopping 30 tracks long! Broken down into two 15 track discs, the album is full of great cuts, but as you might imagine, some other songs that aren't as strong.

I've been listening to the album ever since it came out and after numerous times through it, I'm convinced that the project would have been even stronger if it had been shortened to 14 or 15 tracks instead of 30. I'm a bigger fan of the first 15 songs on Morgan's album, than the last 15, but there are strong efforts on both discs. So in the name of brevity, I give you my version of Morgan Wallen's new album called 'Dangerous: The Edit'

I edited the 30 tracks down to a trim 14. I'm sure I left out songs that some people love, but for me these are the 14 strongest on the album. I did rearrange the order that I feel flows pretty well. If you listen to Morgan's double album you'll notice that there are more up tempo numbers on the second half. I didn't end up using a lot of those. They just don't really connect the way that other songs on the first half of the album do.

So agree, disagree, make your own edited version of Morgan's album. Either way there is plenty of great country music to enjoy here to matter which version you prefer!

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