One of the tallest people in the world has passed away. He was also the tallest man living in the United States.

Igor Vovkovinskiy moved from Ukraine to Rochester, Minnesota to receive medical treatment when he was just seven years old. He never left.

In 2010, Guinness World Records named Vovkovinskiy the tallest person in the United States. He stood 7-foot 8.33 inches tall at the time. When he appeared on the Dr. Oz Show that year, it was revealed that he was born with pituitary gigantism.

Last Friday, August 20, Vovkovinskiy's mother announced her son had died of heart disease at the Mayo Clinic. He had previously worked there as a Help Desk Analyst. Vovkovinskiy was just 38.

Three years ago, 60 Minutes Australia did a feature story on Vovkovinskiy.

The tallest Iowan who ever lived was Bernard Coyne. He was born in Anthon, Iowa in 1897 and stood 8-foot 2-inches tall, though some claim he reached 8-foot-4. He wore a size-25 shoe. Coyne had "Daddy Long Legs Syndrome," also known as eunuchoidal-infantile giantism. Coyne passed away when he was just 24... still growing at the time. He's in the photograph below.


The tallest man alive today is Sultan Kosen. The 38-year-old from Turkey is 8-foot 2.8-inches tall.

Finally, the tallest man who ever lived is Robert Wadlow of Illinois. He stood 8-foot 11.1-inches when he was last measured in 1940. When the video below was done he was just 17-years-old, stood 8-foot-4, and wore size 39 shoes. When he started kindergarten, he was already taller than his mother. He was just 22 when he passed away due to a septic blister caused by an ankle brace.

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