Dalles Jacobus didn't set out to be a singer or a songwriter. Right now his full-time job is student-athlete as a defensive tackle for the Iowa Hawkeye football team. But witnessing something as powerful as the Kinnick Wave every home game does something to you. For Dalles, it inspired him to put his feelings down into words.

Jacobus, a Cedar Rapids Kennedy grad, was in choir and show choir in high school but says he didn't pick up a guitar until this past February. Bored after Iowa's bowl game win, he decided to give the guitar a try. After a few Youtube videos, Jacobus had a few chords down. It was during a family fishing trip that he got the inspiration to write his song, 'We Wave'.

Jacobus said that he's had numerous offers to go into a studio and record the song, but NCAA rules prohibit him from accepting any such gifts. He said that maybe after his football days are over, the song can get the studio version that it deserves.

If you haven't seen Dalles Jacobus sing his song 'We Wave', you can watch it below!

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