When we meet the dogs that are brought in for our 'Furry Friday' segment, sometimes there are reasons a dog hasn't been adopted yet. Maybe they don't get along with other dogs, or cats, or small kids. We get it. Some dogs need special circumstances. Not our girl Angel though. She gets along with everyone! Dogs? You bet! Cats? Yes, sir! Kids? For sure! Amanda from Last Hope Animal Rescue said to us she literally has no idea why Angel doesn't have a home yet! We aren't either. She made herself right at home in the KHAK studios. She gave us all kisses and hoped up on the couch for some cuddle time! She is all ready to take home and become a member of your family!

If you want more information on Angel or any of the dogs at Last Hope just head to their website! You can also get information on all the animal adoption events they have going on too!

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