One of the great summer activities that was taken away from us in 2020 was seeing your favorite blockbuster summer movie at a theater near you. It was one of many things that the coronavirus pandemic changed this year. Two of the largest movie theater chains in the nation, Marcus and AMC, are finally ready to reopen the doors of the theaters in the corridor.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Marcus Theaters will reopen it's Coral Ridge Cinema at the Coral Ridge Mall on Friday. It will show the new Russell Crowe movie Unhinged, Sonic the Hedgehog, and classic movies including The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and the 10th anniversary edition of Inception. It will be another week before Marcus opens up it's location on Council Street NE in Cedar Rapids. Movies will resume there on August 27th at noon. No movie listings for the Cedar Rapids location are available.

Meanwhile, the Gazette reports that AMC, the nation's largest movie theater chain, will open it's Westdale location on September 3rd. That is also the opening date for the new Christopher Nolan movie Tenet. 

The Gazette reports that both Marcus and AMC theaters will require moviegoers to wear face masks to their facilities. Theaters will be sanitized between showings, and social distancing measures will be in place. The theaters will operate at a reduced capacity with two empty seats between groups of people.

While national chains are just reopening, the Gazette points out that Collins Road Theaters in Cedar Rapids has been open since late May. They've limited ticket sales and capacity and have shown older movies like the Harry Potter series, Back to the Future, and The Blues Brothers.


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