We've been keeping you updated on the latest involving an injured Cedar Rapids puppy known as 'Kimble,' after being given that name by Critter Crusaders. It was first believed the dog was about 12 weeks old, but it's actually much younger.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department has provided a new update on the dog, saying that after consultation with a veterinarian and talking to the dog's breeder, Critter Crusaders has determined the dog is actually only about 9 weeks old. That likely means the dog was injured shortly after being adopted, though we don't know if the man accused of animal abuse is the person who adopted the dog.

We told you Thursday that 22-year-old Jayden D. Cliff of Cedar Rapids has been charged with Animal Abuse Causing Serious Injury. Authorities allege he grabbed the dog and threw it to the ground and then kicked it after the dog had gone to the bathroom on a bed. A Thursday media release said the dog, "continued to defecate on the floor after being thrown to the ground. The Golden Retriever puppy sustained serious injuries, including fractures."

Cedar Rapids Police report that Kimble underwent surgery in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday. The procedure was done at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital Cedar Rapids. The surgery was made possible by Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids.

According to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, Kimble had "a complex fracture of his right femur - very close to the knee joint. There is concern that the location of the fracture could affect the growth plate in that leg. He also had multiple fractures in his right metacarpals. The surgeon decided the Emergency Room should try to splint that instead of surgery. Depending upon how it heals, Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids may have to go back in for surgical repair and plating."

Kimble will be available for adoption through Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. Though tons of people have expressed interest in adopting this beautiful dog, adoption applications are not yet being accepted.

The total costs for Kimble's care thus far, through Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids, has exceeded $13,000. In their latest post, Critter Crusaders says,

Please let this sad chapter serve as a wake up call for more investigations, more reports, more prosecutions and more convictions. Lawmakers in Iowa, pay attention. Domestic animals deserve their own laws. They should NOT be lumped into a category with Livestock. All animals matter. Abuse and torture of animals need to be stopped in it’s tracks, not perpetuated because of weak lawmakers worried more about their next campaign contribution than the health and welfare of Iowa’s animals. We demand action on behalf of Kimble and so many like him. They deserve our protection both at the local and state levels. We think Kimble would agree.


Injured Cedar Rapids Dog 'Kimble'

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