This story is a reminder that drugs are bad. Don't do drugs, they make you do stupid things. Again, drugs are bad.

WNYT reports that a 43-year-old guy named Michael Orchard from Halfmoon, New York noticed his neighbor's house was on fire. To save the day, he decided to drive his car through their fence, kick in the door, and rescue their beloved dog. Luckily, Orchard got out safely.

This guys sounds like a hero! I love animals, this guy did the right thing. There should be more people like this. But wait....

There's just one problem....THERE WAS NO FIRE. WNYT reported that Michael told troopers that he was on a mix of LSD and cough syrup, and was hallucinating.

So basically, he just destroyed his neighbor's fence, his door, and kidnapped their dog for no particular reason. He's been charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

This sounds like something my buddy Mike would do. Mike is an old high school friend who was always doing stupid things. I haven't seen my friend in a few years. I wonder what he's up to? Hopefully he's not on LSD.

One more reminder people, drugs are bad.

Thankfully, the dog wasn't harmed.

[source: NBC 13- Albany]

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