Has it really been six weeks since Maddie Poppe of Clarksville won 'American Idol' on ABC-TV? Indeed it has. May 21 was the night Maddie's life changed drastically. She recently started a YouTube series that shows her journey since. It's called "An American Idol Story."

Episode One of the series begins with her being proclaimed the winner and the whirlwind that followed immediately afterward.

In Part Two, Maddie continues to show us what happened during, undoubtedly, the busiest day of her life. Maddie also got to try being a radio deejay... and she's a natural!

Episode Three gives us a behind-the-scenes look as Maddie heads into the recording studio.

After some time at home, Maddie had to head back to work last week.

She's now just nine days away from the 'American Idol' tour beginning and just 54 days from her appearance in Cedar Rapids at 'Market After Dark.' Maybe, just maybe, she'll bring her boyfriend, and 'American Idol' runner-up, Caleb Hutchinson along. Clearly, these two are head-over-heels in love.

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