Clarksville native Maddie Poppe and her boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson are getting some extra attention after their stellar performance on 'American Idol' earlier this month.

Not all of it is necessarily good.

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The duo returned to the 'American Idol' stage at the beginning of May for 'The Great Idol Reunion' special. This celebrated the show's twentieth anniversary.

Season 16 winner and runner-up, Poppe and Hutchinson, got together during their time on the show. While they have been public with certain aspects of their relationship, they have never been interested in public displays of affection.

This played into some weird comments that came after their Idol duet.

The couple performed Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' Islands In The Stream for the special. All three of the judges were impressed by the performance. You can read more about it here.

Also, you can watch the full performance down below!

One of the biggest criticisms of their duet had nothing to do with singing, but rather their PDA. At the end of the song, Caleb reached out to give Maddie a fistbump.

Some fans let them know that they thought that was pretty awkward.

"A fistbump's a fistbump as far as I could tell," the singer said on Tik Tok. "I don't know what type of OnlyFans content you want."

These odd comments continued to come in about their lack of affection, so Hutchinson continued to respond.

"We're acting as we normally do in the confines of a loving relationship," he explains in a different video.

Then, some people were saying that they were expecting Caleb to pop the question to Poppe during the show taping. In a video on Hutchinson's Tik Tok account, he said that a proposal on 'American Idol' was,

"Not our vibes," the singer said. "neither one of us would be into that or like that or think that was fun or cool. It's very performative."

So, it looks like if they do end up taking that next step (which is none of our business necessarily) they'll do it on their own terms.

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