Maddie Poppe is in the Top 3 on American Ido! Woohoooo! Our Clarksville, Iowa native is movin' on up!

Last night's show was nerve-wracking as two contestants were going home for good and we didn't want Maddie to be in that boat. It was a special show as Carrie Underwood mentored the contestants, who each sang a Carrie song. It was amazing. Maddie sang Carrie's version of Randy Travis' 'I Told You So' and as usual, Maddie did a beautiful job making it her own. Carrie Underwood even mentioned how "mesmerizing" Maddie's voice is. Also, since it was Mother's Day, each contestant sang a song to their moms. Maddie's choice was perfectly unexpected. She sang 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys and got a little choked up toward the end as she looked over at her mom.

Basically, last night was a rollercoaster of emotions. We were excited to see Maddie perform, we cried as everyone read heartfelt letters to their moms, and we nervously waited in anticipation for Maddie's name to be called into the Top 3. There was one top spot left and Maddie, Cade, and Michael J. were all vying for it. Luckily, host Ryan Seacrest said the name "Maddie Poppe" and we all rejoiced! It was definitely an emotional moment for Maddie. Bob James and I got a chance to catch up with her after the big night. She shared what was going through her head last night as she waited for her name to be called and what it's been like so far in the competition. Hear what Maddie had to say in our interview with her below.

Maddie will be welcomed back to Iowa tomorrow with a hometown parade and concert! Get details on how you can see her here.

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