Spring break: That time of year when your kids are no longer occupied for eight hours and are now at the mercy of finding "activities" to do at home. For Luke Bryan and wife Caroline's two sons, Bo and Tate, keeping busy means ... well, you'll have to watch for yourself.

Caroline posted a video on Instagram Wednesday afternoon (March 11) that at first looks like her two young boys are playing in the backyard with their dogs, Choc and Boss. All of a sudden, one of the boys throws a T-shirt in the tree. Their Labrador, Choc, has quite an impressive vertical as he jumps to reach the shirt.

What's even better than the video comes in the comments section, where Caroline explains that the shirt dangling in the tree is actually one of Luke's!

Once her two sons realize Choc is down to play, this creative new game of throw the T-shirt into the tree and let the dog retrieve it is on.

"Our little boys are out of school. I’m on my 2nd energy drink ... wishing it was wine," Caroline writes to caption the hysterical video. Between her two activity-hungry boys, the couple's teenage nephew, whom they adopted, and many four-legged family members, Caroline is clearly outnumbered. She needs all the extra energy she can get!

This isn’t the first time the country star's buddy Choc has been eager to join in on the fun — he actually has the reputation of being a "bad boy." Last month, Caroline posted Choc's latest mess, which consisted of what looked to be the remnants of what had once been in the trashcan.

Don’t worry — Choc (or "butthole," as Caroline referred to him) is quite loved, but he sure seems to keep things interesting.

The Bryan family is only halfway through Spring Break week, so more comical moments are likely still to come. At least the boys are keeping themselves — and us — entertained, right?

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