It's not official, but preliminary discussions are underway that could see the federal tax filing deadline extended past April 15th due to Coronavirus concerns.

KCRG picked up a report saying The U.S. Treasury Department has been discussing extending the tax filing deadline but has not made an official announcement.

Wednesday was a busy day, as we heard the news that for the first time in 45 years, the SaPaDaPaSo parade will be canceled this St. Patrick's Day and that every major university in the state, including the University of Iowa. is making plans to cancel face-to-face classes and switching to online formats for the next several weeks or months.

It's still in the discussion stages, but the April 15 deadline would reportedly be extended depending on the Internal Revenue Service's ability to provide taxpayer assistance and process returns.

As of now, April 15 is still the date. It's your best course of action to get your taxes filed immediately as we already know state refunds are being delayed in some cases as well.



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