One person was injured this morning in a robbery attempt involving an armored car at a U.S. Bank in Waterloo.

According to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Waterloo Police were called to the U.S. Bank location at 3310 Kimball Avenue (pictured above) around 9:45 Wednesday morning. Witnesses reported seeing a masked man shooting at guards for an armored car. Those same witnesses say the guards were returning fire.

The man in the mask was reportedly injured in the shooting and taken to a local hospital. He is said to have serious injuries. Management for Rochester Armored Car says no one who works for them was injured in the incident.

At least two vehicles were hit by bullets. One was unoccupied at a nearby business. The other, at the bank's drive-thru, had two people inside. One of them was a young child. Thankfully, neither person was injured.

A suspected getaway vehicle from this morning's robbery was recovered later by Waterloo police. It was found in a neighborhood just blocks away.

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