I remember when I got my class ring in high school. I remember designing just what I wanted on it. Picking out school activities and of course, the color of the stone. I wore that ring, and it even sat on the fingers of several of my girlfriends in high school. Who remembers that trend? An Eastern Iowa woman lost her class ring nearly 40 years ago and never thought she'd see it again.

KCRG reports that Lori Wenman-Peterson of Coralville lost her class ring from Iowa City West High School on a family vacation back in 1986. She said she remembers looking down and seeing it gone, and being afraid to tell her mom! Her ring was never found and life went on without it for 38 years.

Until a woman named Jen Lane reached out on Facebook. KCRG reports that Jen lives in Florida. Lane and her mother had been going through a box of some of her grandmother's belongings. It turns out her grandmother loved to pick up odd items and trinkets at church rummage sales. In that box was a ring with a name engraved on it.

Lane told KCRG that after some quick investigating on the internet, the owner of the ring was located. It was Lori's ring she lost in Miami nearly four decades ago.

The ring arrived in the mail on Monday, what would have been her mother's 83rd birthday, according to KCRG. Wenman-Peterson said that getting back the ring "means so much. I don't think I'll ever take it off." Neither would I Lori. Neither would I.

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