A new electric semi is coming to Iowa highways. It looks like no other semi you've ever seen before for good reason.

A Des Moines-based company is one of the first to purchase some of these new environment-friendly vehicles. The Des Moines Register reports Ruan Transportation Management Systems has put an order in for five of them. The cost is $180,000 each or $80,000 more than a semi that runs on diesel.

Why pay the extra money? The vice president of fleet services for Ruan, James Cade, believes the price difference will be made up in just two years due to fuel savings and that they're expected to be very reliable.

The Tesla truck has no engine, so the driver sits front and center, allowing him/her to see the road better. Telsa guarantees the drive train for 1 million miles and a nearly endless brake life. It's Enhanced Autopilot will feature jackknife prevention, will have the ability to stay in its own lane, automatic braking for emergencies, and a forward collision warning.

How quiet will they be? We'll find out soon enough. Watch for the new Tesla Semi Truck on Iowa roads sometime in 2019.

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