The pandemic year of 2020 was not good for many Iowa businesses. One that it ended up being great for, however, were local fireworks stands. With COVID cancelling most large scale fireworks displays in cities across the state, many residents bought and had displays of their own at home. But this Fourth of July will be a bit more normal. Except for fireworks vendors.

Paul Myers, the owners of Boom Boom Billy's Fireworks told KCRG that his sales doubled in 2020. But now he isn't sure he'll have enough product to even get to the Fourth of July. Last year, Myers' stand was so busy that he had to restock product six times! He told KCRG that even though larger displays are back this year, demand still remains high. The difference this year is that his suppliers told him he won't be able to restock at all due to low product levels and supply chain issues. Meyers told KCRG that luckily, he ordered heavy during the preseason.

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Another problem for local fireworks enthusiasts is the fact that much of Iowa remains in drought conditions. Marion Fire Marshall Wade Markley told KCRG that one misplaced firework could spark big problems. Markley noted that dry grass and other vegetation around your house could ignite, not to mention the dry leaves and other debris on roofs and in gutters. So far, just two counties in Iowa have burn bans in place, Polk and Hardin.

Myers said that if it is dry enough for counties to issue burn bans, he would discourage people from setting them off until it is less dry.

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