Florida Georgia Line pushes the boundaries of country music. You either like it, or you don't. I'm a no boundaries guy. I love all kinds of music. As long as it sounds good I'm in. When FGL performed at the Great Jones County Fair this summer, you heard them cover a number of different artists including The Backstreet Boys. We'd heard that the two groups had worked together on a track for FGL's new album. Well, today they finally released it.

The song is called 'God, Your Mama, and Me'. Talk about a country sounding title for a song! Other than the title, the song itself sounds like it could have been lifted from a Backstreet Boys album. It's got a great chorus and features awesome harmonies. If you like Florida Georgia Line and grew up loving groups like The Backstreet Boys, you'll love this tune! Courtlin and I give it two thumbs up! It's available on Spotify and iTunes today!

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