During these times of self-isolation, we all have ways that we cope with being lonely. One of mine has always been music. I used to tape songs off the radio on to a tape and play my favorites whenever I wanted to. I still like creating them today. A playlist has to get across a certain mood. It has to convey whatever it's creator is going through. So with that, I present you my 2020 Quarantine Playlist! 

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The list has to begin with something memorable. Something that represents the mood you're trying capture. It's The End Of The World As We Know It by REM is perfect. It's uptempo doom and gloom! A tongue in cheek disaster song at it's finest. Where you go from there is completely up to you. I went heavy on country music, as it represents a lot of what I'm listening too right now. I went with plenty of hopeful songs like Hang In There Girl by Ashley McBryde and Hard To Forget by Sam Hunt. But the beauty of a playlist is peppering it with unknown gems.

Album cuts from Eric Church, Keith Urban, and Aaron Watson are among my favorites on the list. Listen to them once, and who knows? They could be yours too! I got dark and moody too with Lonely Weekend by Kacey Musgraves and Traveling Alone by Jason Isbell. 

But it all ends with up-tempo hits from U2 and  Rush, RIP Neil Peart. Then we end things with one of my favorite John Prine tunes.

A playlist should tell a story. It's a snapshot of how a person is feeling. If my playlist is any indication, I would say I'm hopeful, yet pessimistic. It depends on the day. Today I choose hopeful.


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