Like many fans of Eric Church, I've been counting down the days until October 5th. That's the day when his latest album 'Desperate Man' will be released nationwide. Now if you're a member of Eric's fan club, 'The Church Choir' you've gotten to hear songs early and probably have the whole album by now. But now the rest of us don't have to wait any longer to hear the new album.

Thanks to NPR, you can stream the entire new album now! No more waiting. No more song clips on Instagram. Check out all 11 tracks right now. Now we've heard some of the new music already. 'Desperate Man' is Eric's current single on country radio. He's also released the songs 'Heart Like a Wheel' and 'Monsters' in their entirety. Everything I'd heard had me wanting more. And Church doesn't disappoint.

'Desperate Man' is filled with finely crafted songs that straddle the line between blues, traditional country, and more radio-friendly tracks. I love that about an Eric Church album. You just never know what you're in for. Take the opening track of the album 'The Snake'. He's storyteller and singer in the same song. It really ups the drama in a song that preaches the dangers of abuse of political power. Not a light fluff piece to lead things off.

Some of my favorites after about 4 times through the album include 'Desperate Man', 'Some of It', 'Monsters', 'Jukebox and a Bar', and 'Drowning Man'. This album sounds nothing like anything else in country music right now, and that's a good thing. That's an Eric Church thing.


[via NPR]

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