This is the girl who wanted to stay home from school so she could listen to the new Harry Styles album. What did I expect would happen when Taylor Swift came out with a new project?

My daughter Carly shares my intense love of music. At the age of 14, that love centers around two people. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. And in case you hadn't heard, Taylor's new album 'Midnights' came out today. It was released at, you guessed it, midnight. Actually, it came out at 11 p.m. Iowa time, which allowed my daughter and countless other Swifties to dive in late last night. I fully expected Carly to do so, and she did. What I didn't expect was a barrage of text messages after midnight giving me her thoughts on the album!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

While I appreciated the very first review of Taylor's new album, the last text actually got me out of bed. I opened the door to the girls' upstairs bedroom and told Carly to stop texting me and to go to bed! A sheepish 'O.K.' followed. But that wasn't the last I'd hear from Carly this morning.

She called me shortly after 7 today to ask if I'd seen the music video for the song 'Anti-Hero'. I reminded her that I was at work and that I'd watch it when I had time. When you're 14, nothing gets in the way of your passion. Time, a job, school, nothing. It turns out Carly was spot on too. 'Anti-Hero' is my favorite track from the album and the video is one of Taylor's best.

It turns out this 14-year-old knows what she's talking about.

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