First things first. As of right now there are no plans to build a casino in Cedar Rapids, or anywhere else in Linn County. Despite that fact, when voters head to the poll this November, they'll have the chance to make their voice heard on the issue of gambling in Linn County.

KWWL reports that a resolution that was approved by the Linn County Board of Supervisors will allow voters to decide when the head to the polls on November 2nd, whether to reallow gambling games within the county. The statute goes on to say that the measure must be voted on, approved twice, and have eight years pass in between votes to making gambling permanent in Linn County. Voters first approved a gambling vote in 2013.

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So on your November ballot, there will be a simple Yes/No option to allow gambling facilities in Linn County. However, don't start counting your winnings just yet. If the measure passes, it doesn't mean casinos are a sure thing in the county. Approval of a specific gambling facility, say a downtown Cedar Rapids casino, has many more requirements, including an application and eventually approval from the State Racing and Gaming Commission.

Two of the candidates vying for the mayoral job in Cedar Rapids have come out in support of a casino in Cedar Rapids. Current mayor Brad Hart and candidate for mayor Tiffany O'Donnell have both stated that they are in favor of a downtown Cedar Rapids casino. Proponents of the casino say that it will create a more vibrant area and bring in more high paying jobs.



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