It's not as if cheese needs it's own holiday. Most of us eat it on a regular basis anyway. But today is 'National Cheese Day', so celebrate accordingly! Face it, cheese makes everything better. What do parents add to vegetables to try and get their kids to like them? Cheese. What is one of our favorite comfort foods? Toasted CHEESE sandwich. There's nothing this amazing food can't do!

How much do we love cheese? Well, 23% of American say that they almost always include cheese with their food. As for our favorite cheeses, Cheddar takes the top spot at 17%, followed by Mozzarella at 15%, American 14%, Pepper Jack 11%, and Provolone at 8%. I approve of ALL of those!

As for our LEAST favorite cheeses Blue Cheese topped the list by far at 25%, followed by Limburger at 17%, Goat at 16%, American at 13%, and Swiss with 8%. I grew up eating Swiss so I'll stand up for that one. But I've never been a fan of Blue and Courtlin and I HATED Limburger when we tried it for 'Taste Bud Trivia'.

So no matter what your favorite kind of cheese is, get out there and celebrate!


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