"You're NOT leaving the table until you finish your ______!"

Growing up, there's a good chance you heard that phrase from your parents once or twice. When I was a kid, my mom didn't force-feed us a ton of foods that we didn't like, but there are a few that I can remember.

This week on Facebook, we asked listeners to share the foods they were forced to eat as a kid that they STILL won't eat today! For me, that food is asparagus. I vividly remember my mom making me eat asparagus once, and once was more than enough. I tried it again a few years ago after it was suggested that my taste buds may have changed, but NOPE. Still hate it.

Here are some of the responses from listeners on Facebook:

  • Cassy Siefkas Rhinehart - "SOS, also known Sh** on a Shingle. Ground hamburger, flour & milk all cooked together over a slice or two of bread. I never will make this ever."
  • Tracey Schmidt - "Peas! I was 10-years-old and eating dinner with my family. My dad told me to eat my peas. I told him I'd eat them if my brother ate his (I didn't think he would), but my brother scooped his up and ate them. I was still sitting at the table at 10:30 that night, still crying with cold peas on my plate."
  • Denise White - "Frozen Brussel sprouts!! Blech!!! GAG!"
  • Michele Henley Moore - "Liver and onions. As an adult, it became a first date question: 'You like Liver and onions? Sorry, we can never date again.'"
  • Lisa Moore Gilliatt - "Meatloaf loaded with onions and caked with ketchup."
  • Jeanine Parent Cruse - "FISH. I HATE FISH."
  • Ashley Eckhoff - "Pork chops baked with sauerkraut... I used to cry when I'd come inside after playing and smelled it."
  • Amanda Meeker - "Homemade bean soup! I remembering gagging as I was trying my hardest to eat it!"
  • Lynn Goedken Steger - "Blood sausage. I can still remember the taste. Won’t ever eat it again!!"
  • Alex Thumma - "Mac and cheese and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. My parents bought it in bulk and we would eat it every day for weeks. I refuse to eat it as an adult."
  • Marge Carson - "Oyster stew! Didn’t even like the milk! That was always Christmas Eve supper!! Nasty."
  • Phyllis Pflughaupt - "Spam. Cannot stand to eat this as an adult."
  • Cindy Wink Cady - "Salmon patties. I can't even stomach salmon."
  • Kerri Cruise - "Beaver and noodles or BBQ raccoon! My dad was an avid trapper and hunter. If he didn't raise it or trap/hunt it, we didn't eat it!!"
  • Lori Jean Knockle - "OMG!!! Hominy!!! I can't even look at a can without gagging!!!"

What food were you forced to eat as a kid that you'll NEVER eat ever again? Let us know in the comments below!

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