Happy National Cheese Lover's Day!

That's right! Today is another one of those weird, made-up holidays, but this one is all about cheese so I'm happy to celebrate it.

Last week, the website Zippia published a new article titled, "The United States of Cheese: Each State's Favorite Cheese." I don't know how accurate it is, considering the results are based solely on Google searches, but the results are still worth discussing. The article reads:

"Using Google Trends, we determined what cheese has its states’ heart. We examined just under 20 popular kinds of cheese – including some dubious contenders such as 'string' and 'Velveeta' (Are those even cheese?). From there, we determined what cheese is searched disproportionately, a high amount."

In the state of Iowa, the top cheese was Velveeta. Definitely not my first choice, but not the worst option. Kansas, Kentucky, and Nebraska also eat a lot of Velveeta. Here are some of the picks for other Midwest states:

  • Minnesota & Wisconsin - Swiss Cheese
  • Missouri - Monterey Jack
  • Illinois & Indiana - Queso Blanco
  • South Dakota - String Cheese

When it comes to cheese, I'm not very picky. There are only two types that I've had that I hated: blue cheese and Limburger. If I absolutely had to choose a favorite, it would probably be pepper jack, but I'm not one to turn down a big bowl of queso. Some of the other cheeses to make the list include cream cheese, Cheez Whiz, brie, parmesan, and cotija. You can check out the full map HERE.

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