It's stories like this that warm my heart.

Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc down in Texas and other surrounding states, and people from all over the country are stepping up to help. When I say people from all over the country, I also mean people right here in Iowa! Last Hope Animal Rescue, an organization that we work with for our Furry Fridays, left for Houston yesterday to rescue some shelter dogs from the horrible flooding.

Volunteers loaded up a van with empty kennels, clean towels, and food, and are on a 16-hour journey down to Texas, with a few other stops along the way. They have teamed up with several other shelters to rescue some pups whose temporary shelter is taking on water. They estimate that they will be saving around 100 dogs.

According to KCRG, the Intake Coordinator Amanda Rushton stated, "If we remember some of the floods that we've had in Iowa, and some of the issues that have affected Iowans here. We've definitely been helped out by some of the Texas shelters before. Anything we can do really to help the animals have a voice and place them in happy forever homes, its worth doing,"

The shelter in Iowa City has agreed to house 20 of the dogs that will return with the group, and AHeinz57 in Des Moines has agreed to take in between 30 and 40 of them.

The dogs they bring back will eventually need loving homes, but for now you can help out by donating! Click HERE.

Best of luck to our friends at Last Hope and all the other people in the community helping out Texas! Have a safe trip!

There's also another group of volunteers from Muscatine headed down to Texas, as well! Read more on that story from KWWL HERE.

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