What's cuter than a gorilla taking care of kittens? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

If you didn't already know, Koko is a famous Gorilla at a sanctuary in San Francisco. She's incredibly intelligent and knows over 1,000 words in sign language. She can also understand about 2,000 English words. Koko has never had any babies of her own, so in 1984 she asked for a kitten for her birthday and was featured on the cover of National Geographic. The kitten eventually escaped and was hit by a car, and that's when she got Smokey, a cat who lived with her for almost 20 years until dying of old age. Since then, Koko has been able to visit with kittens, but this year is the first year she was able to pick out her own! For her 44th birthday, she was presented with a box of kittens, where she chose to keep two as her new pets.

The video was taken in July, but it was just posted a few days ago. Watch!

The Gorilla Foundation hopes that the video will help gain support for these endangered animals. For more info, you can visit Koko's website.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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