After 32 years, Kirkwood Community College has announced they are closing one of its campus locations in Eastern Iowa.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that Kirkwood Community College will be shutting down its Iowa City campus location. Faculty and staff were actually warned last month that changes were coming soon. The college announced on Thursday that they would be moving most of the operations from the Iowa City center to the Coralville location. The Iowa City location will then be sold.

The Gazette reports that Kirkwood President Lori Sundberg stated in a message that "the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa meets our needs as it has plenty of space. Our research also indicates the site is a more accessible location for the community overall." Kirkwood has decided to move both credit and non-credit courses to the regional center by the fall.

The Gazette reports that Kirkwood expects to save $400,000 annually by selling off the Iowa City campus location. President Sundberg stated that "the new locations, as well as the cost savings, will allow us to focus more resources to give our students the support they need to succeed."

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