The new school year has begun, which means it's time to honor all our wonderful local educators!

For the third school year in a row, KHAK is on a mission to give some recognition to the people who work hard to educate our kids everyday. An amazing teacher can make such a huge difference in a child's life. I graduated 8 years ago, but I still remember all of the fantastic teachers I had back in school, and I bet you can, too! Nominate an awesome teacher in your life to be one of our 'Teachers of the Week!' for the 2017-2018 school year! It can be your teacher, your child's teacher, or just a teacher you know. And, it doesn't have to be from this school year, either! As long as that teacher is still teaching, we will take your entries.

Every Friday during the school year, we will select one lucky teacher to be featured at We will also reward them with gift cards to Kathy's Pies and Wild Hogs Saloon & Eatery! Our first winner will be announced next Friday, September 1st around 8:30 a.m.

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