Keith Urban writes new music with his ganjo, a six-stringed banjo, and a drum machine. On previous albums, much of the drum machine was replaced with live drumming. But on his previous two albums, the drum machine has remained and Urban has pushed the boundaries of country music. 'Ripcord', which is out today, continues the trend.

It's hard to believe Keith has released three singles already from the album. Two have already hit number one, 'John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16' and 'Break on Me'. 'Wasted Time' is on its way up the charts. The rest of 'Ripcord' sounds much like those singles. There are songs that could easily be played on Top 40 radio including the Carrie Underwood duet 'The Fighter', and a song that features Pitbull...yes I said Pitbull, 'Sun Don't Let Me Down'.

But there are plenty of songs destined for country radio including one of my favorites 'Boy Gets a Truck'. Another favorite of mine is a very bluesy, traditional sounding 'Blue Ain't Your Color'. Vocally Keith has never sounded better than he does on this album. At the age of 48, the Aussie crooner keeps getting better.

Sometimes a country album with so many pop elements would bother me some. But when it's done this well, and it sounds this good I don't mind. I've never been a person that labels music. But this album by Keith Urban deserves one. Great.