Friday night, Keith Urban played in what he described as "torrential rain" at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Rain is one of the things artists fear. It can do a lot of damage to equipment. In Keith's case, you have to wonder if it had a direct impact on a trip he made to Cedar Rapids before his Saturday night concert at the Great Jones County Fair. A trip to Guitar Center.

Stu Meadows, the Store Manager at the Cedar Rapids Guitar Center, posted about the superstar's visit Saturday afternoon on his Facebook page:

Just had the opportunity to meet and help sell a couple guitars to Kieth Urban (yes, that Keith Urban). Couldn't have been a nicer guy, and even if his music's not your thing, there's no denying that he knows his way around a guitar 😳

Keith spent $2,000 at the Cedar Rapids store. He bought a Fender American Professional Stratocaster Electric Guitar with Maple Fingerboard.

He also purchased a Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Telecaster.

During his meet-and-greet prior to his performance at the fair my wife, Julie, asked Keith about his trip to the store and if he'd be playing the guitars during the show. He told her no, that they were for rainy concerts so he didn't have to put his more expensive guitars at risk. He remembered Stu's name from his Guitar Center visit and said that he was a great guy.

During his Great Jones County Fair concert, Keith referenced the Guitar Center visit. He asked the crowd, "Anybody here from Cedar Rapids," before launching into the story. A pretty large roar went up in response, as you might expect.

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