More details are coming out about an alleged chilling murder right in our own backyard.

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A missing person case in Decorah has quickly transformed from a search into a mystery that is still unfolding.

On Saturday, March 19th Winneshiek County sheriff’s department officials received a report of a missing person. 74-year-old Lawrence Whittle was last heard from on Friday morning.

Three days later the son of the missing man was taken into custody and is the main suspect behind the alleged murder, according to Radio Iowa.

Winneshiek County sheriff’s department
Winneshiek County sheriff’s department

An official criminal complaint claims that Aaron Whittle, the son of the victim, has actually come forward and confessed to the crime. In the document, the report has the Decorah man on the record coming clean about allegedly killing his father in a way that officers deemed showed him,

"having malice aforethought, willfully, deliberately, and with premeditation kill Lawrence Paul Whittle."


This criminal complaint also makes the claim that "On Sunday, March 20th, during an interview with law enforcement officers the defendant, Aaron Whittle, stated that he fatally shot Lawrence Whittle with a firearm on Thursday, March 17th. Observations by law enforcement at the scene of the shooting were consistent with the defendant's description of the incident."

The younger Whittle is currently in police custody and a charge of first-degree murder has been made against him, according to reports.

In the report, it also took note of additional evidence that has been collected that police have not made public as of yet. It was addressed indirectly during Monday's press conference.

Winneshiek County sheriff office
Winneshiek County sheriff's office

“This is an active and ongoing investigation. We have to be careful with what we share.” Winneshiek County Sheriff Dan Marx said.

His next appearance in court is on March 29th. Whittle is currently being held on a $1 million bond. The body of his father has not yet been found.

This is a developing story. We will continue to keep you up to date on the details as they emerge.

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