By now, most people know that Jason Momoa, or Aquaman thanks to his hugely successful DC Comics movie, was raised in Iowa. Momoa was born in 1979 in Hawaii but was raised by his mom, Coni Lemke, in Norwalk, Iowa. His mother and grandmother live there to this day.

About a week ago, several pictures showed up on Momoa's Instagram account of a quick visit back to the midwest. That included a stop in Norwalk to visit his mom and grandmother along with a host of other friends and relatives. Well, now we have a video of that visit home. Momoa has posted a 10-minute video blog on his Youtube channel detailing his visit to Iowa.

He surprised family members with his visit. He drove around his all stomping grounds in Norwalk and ate at some of his favorite restaurants including Waveland Cafe, and Kung Fu Tap and Tacos. He also talked about how despite being born in Hawaii, he was 'raised' in Iowa. That's right people. Jason Momoa is OURS!


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