Jason Aldean has released yet another new song from his Rearview Town album, "I'll Wait For You," and this one has a bit of a classic rock vibe to it.

While it might not be precise to describe it as a fist-pumper, the song is definitely anthemic. While retaining its country base, it's not difficult to imagine it being performed—with a few stylistic adjustments—by even a modern rock outfit such as Imagine Dragons.

Over a driving beat and a slightly dark-flavored melody, Aldean sings of a man who is determined to be faithful to his lover, who is seeking her destiny across the country in Los Angeles. "Some things you love are worth the wait," he asserts.

Aldean released a lyric video with touching images that further devotional lyrics such as: "I'll keep the light on on the porch / I'll keep the key under the mat / Just in case I'm out there somewhere / Tryin' not to lose my mind."

The song is bridged by a searing guitar solo which should translate just fine to the stadiums Aldean and his band have been filling for some time now.

Rearview Town is out on April 13. Aldean has shared a few tracks from it already, including first single, "You Make It Easy." He paired up with Miranda Lambert on the tune "Drowns the Whiskey."

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