Pinky the Iowa Pit Bull has won her freedom.

The Des Moines area dog has been separated from her owners for the past two years, ever since she was taken away after attacking a neighbor's cat. The nine-year old dog was declared a "danger" and was supposed to be destroyed.

According to Local 5, the City of Des Moines ruled that Pinky should be put down after citing that she was dangerous under a city ordinance.

On Wednesday, the Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that the city's ordinance on dangerous animals is too vague.

The court stated that Pinky should be returned to her family unless the city appeals to the Iowa Supreme Court. The city has 20 days to decide if it wants to appeal that decision.

Advocates on the "Save Pinky's Life" Facebook Page say the dog has been locked up for the past two years with no visitors allowed. Supporters also worry because the ordeal is not over until the dog is unconditionally released to her owners.

We hope that happens soon.

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