A small Iowa town is taking a unique approach to try to grow their community. They're offering free lots for you to build a house on. Yes, free land. As once was said, "Go West, young man, go west."

In this case, "west" is the western part of Iowa. The town of Marne, in Cass County, is offering lots of around 80 feet by 120 feet. That's about 1,000 square feet larger than the average lot in the U.S.

The city's website lays out the reasons to move to Marne. It claims to be a well-kept, clean community that has not only a low crime rate but a low tax rate, as well. The  town has high-speed internet and cable TV provided by "a state-of-the-art local phone company."

The town's population is just 120, but it's home to a bar and grill and body shop, along with a volunteer fire department, community center, and park. Their sign coming into town is fabulous. It reads: "From a Proud Past to a Promising Future."

Marne sits about an hour west of Des Moines, and 45-minutes from Omaha, Nebraska. It's just three miles from Interstate 80, at exit 51.

Here's hoping it works for Marne... the life of a small town may depend on it.

Google Earth
Marne, Iowa via Google Earth

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