The schedules for the remainder of Season 5 of Yellowstone and for prequel 1923 have only been partially revealed. There's good news and bad news for fans of these Paramount shows.

Season 5 of Yellowstone airs on the Paramount Network. The first half is set to finish on Jan. 1, but solid information on when the second half begins is difficult to come by. The internet is flooded with bad information on the topic, so we went to the source.

Find that, as well as official information on when 1923 resumes below.

When Does Yellowstone Season 5 Resume?

Ep. 8 is the first half finale and that is set to air on Paramount Network on Jan. 1, 2023. This comes from an official press release from the network and means there will be no new episode of Yellowstone on Dec. 25, Christmas day.

A follow up for more information about the second half of Season 5 finds that that schedule is not yet known. The network tells Taste of Country that dates haven't been finalized. Any news article claiming a start for the second half is only theorizing.

We've done just that during episodes of the Dutton Rules podcast. Several actors have told Taste of Country that filming for this second half won't begin until March, which means it could be late spring or summer before Season 5 resumes. In the meantime ...

1923 Full Schedule Revealed:

Yellowstone prequel 1923 dropped on on Paramount+ on Dec. 18 and — per Paramount+ PR — will be released weekly on Sundays through January 8. Then, there will be a winter break.

New episodes will return on Sunday, Feb. 5 on Paramount+. The season or series finale date 1923 has not yet been released.

1923 stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren and it's as much sequel to 1883 as it is prequel to Yellowstone. In 2021, the first of 10 episodes of 1883 premiered. They were mostly continuous through February, at which point it was made clear the series would wrap after one season.

One figures a similar treatment for 1923, but again this has not been confirmed. All we can confirm is a month-long break with nothing from the Yellowstone universe.

When will 6666 Begin?

The start date for Yellowstone spinoff 6666 has not be revealed but fans of Yellowstone got a tip that it might be sooner than expected. This isn't a spoiler, but action found during Ep. 7 of Yellowstone looks to be bringing a small party of cowboys south to Texas for the foreseeable future. The two ranches could literally run into one another, thus setting up the next Taylor Sheridan series.

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