The popular Paramount Network drama 'Yellowstone' is on a brief hiatus after the conclusion of the 1st half of Season 5 last weekend. When it returns, look for a familiar face to be back on the screen shortly thereafter.

Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by Mount Vernon, Iowa native Jefferson White, has been absent from 'Yellowstone' this season. During Season 4 he spent time at the 6666 Ranch in Texas, where he met a woman named Emily. Jimmy and Emily ended up getting engaged and Jimmy made the decision to stay at the Texas ranch.

During the Sunday, December 18 episode of Season 5 of 'Yellowstone', it was revealed that many of the ranch hands would be moving a large part of the ranch's cattle herd. It's not a small move, either. They'll be taking them from Montana to the southern part of the U.S., hoping to avoid a disease outbreak. That move almost assuredly is going to include the 6666 (Four Sixes Ranch), a real Texas ranch that's the state's largest. The ranch has three sections, and a total of more than 260,000 acres.

In early March, Jefferson White revealed that he would be part of season 5 of 'Yellowstone'. However, he clearly had no idea exactly what that meant. White said whether it was going back to work in Montana, or Texas, he was thrilled either way. There was one thing he wasn't thrilled at the prospect of, though. White told US Weekly, "If I was suddenly unemployed, I would be neither excited or thrilled, but I’d get through it. I could go back to washing dishes in Iowa.” While we'd welcome you back, Jefferson, I don't think that's happening.

When/if the cowboys of 'Yellowstone' show up at the Four Sixes Ranch, Jimmy would likely be showing them the ropes. That would be ironic, considering Jimmy was sent to the Texas ranch earlier in the series so he could learn to become a cowboy.

Will Jefferson White's character Jimmy appear on 'Yellowstone: 6666', the newest spinoff of the hit series? If he does, the series will certainly be set in the same timeframe as 'Yellowstone.' If not, it's likely to trace the history of the ranch, which dates to 1870.

'Yellowstone: 6666' will air on Paramount Network, and not Paramount+. That streaming platform is where '1883' and '1923' (which debuted on Sunday, December 18 starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren) air. Another series, '1883: The Bass Reeves Story' will eventually air on Paramount+ as well. Exactly when 'Yellowstone: 6666' and '1883: The Bass Reeves Story' will debut hasn't been announced.

The second half of Season 5 of 'Yellowstone' returns to Paramount Network on Sunday, January 1 with episode 8. However, just when additional episodes will come is currently a big question.

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