Last night's Iowa versus Rutgers game was ugly. Really ugly. Both teams either played great defense or poor offense. It's usually a combination of both. As I sat there and watched the carnage, I saw something I don't know if I've seen before. Jordan Bohannon missing open three-point attempts. Every player has an off game, but unfortunately for Bohannon, it has become a trend. It's time for Fran to sit Jordan Bohannon.

Bohannon came back for a sixth year of eligibility thanks to COVID. The all-time three-point record in the Big Ten was within reach. It is a goal he has since achieved. And while I don't know Bohannon or what motivates him, you have to wonder what else he's playing for. I'd like to think he's playing for the love of the game. The love of his teammates. The love of the Iowa fans. But the last three games have been rough. He hit 20% of his threes against Rutgers, 25% against Minnesota, and just 14% against Indiana according to ESPN. Don't get me wrong, the kid is still a feared three-point shooter. But when he starts missing open threes, we have an issue.

I thought the move to off-guard would really help Bohannon. He doesn't have the pressure of moving the ball upcourt and can use screens to get open and hit his shots. But that hasn't happened enough this season. Of course, losing an interior presence like Luka Garza tends to change a team a bit. Or maybe it's a career full of injuries taking its toll on a body that probably feels much older than it is.

I'm not a coach. I am just a fan and want the best lineup on the court that gives us the best shot at winning each game. I'm not sure Jordan Bohannon does that anymore. It's time to let other players like Tony Perkins and Payton Sandfort get a few more minutes. If Jordan is hitting everything he throws up, then obviously play him. But it appears we're past the time where J-Bo is automatic from downtown.

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