What a difference a year makes, especially in Iowa. Today, snow and high temperatures only in the middle 30's for Cedar Rapids. It was very different a year ago.

It was an unusually warm and humid WINTER day on March 6, 2017. The high temperature in Cedar Rapids was 68 degrees. The dewpoint reached 57 degrees during the day, so there was tons of moisture for Mother Nature to work with. Cedar Rapids ended up getting .57 inches of rain. However, we were lucky.

Other parts of Iowa weren't so fortunate. The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities confirmed SEVEN tornadoes for their service area in Iowa. They were in Muscatine, Scott, Dubuque, Cedar, Clinton, and Louisa counties. There were tornadoes in central and western Iowa as well. Seymour, in south-central Iowa, was hit the hardest.

Here's another tornado video from a year ago today from the Lanyon area, south of Fort Dodge.

Somehow, as I look outside this morning, this isn't so bad at all. Don't get me wrong, I am SO ready for spring. However, I'm not ready for the nasty weather that sometimes comes with Iowa's warmer months.

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