TV reality shows know what we love most. From the "Lifestyles of Rich and Famous" to the "Real Housewives of Atlanta", they also know why we love them so much.

As typical working class people, we love to peek into their world of wealth and opulence. It's like window shopping, we daydream and bust out three bucks for a lottery ticket. It seems like a cheap way to "live the dream" of being a millionaire.

But this list of millionaires has more in common with us than we may realize. Sure they're rich, and most are famous. But they aren't the Rockefellers or Rothschilds. In fact they were all born in Iowa and nearly all of them came from modest means. And many of them still consider Iowa their home.

If being wealthy makes someone any less genuine, it's not how we've come  to know these ten Iowan millionaires. Chances are good you've met a few of them at area charity functions and events. Many of them walk the walk with commitments, contributions and acts of kindness to help unfortunate Iowans. Their willingness to give represents one of their strongest of Midwest values.

If that sounds like just a little too much suck-up, we get it. OK, so we're fans. We searched to get the scoop on some of Iowa's elite. Why not be a nosy, little fan with us for a minute and take a peek into their portfolios.

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