It's one of the fastest growing towns in America, but it didn't used to be that way. What is being called the biggest 'boomtown' in Iowa actually started with a meager 7 houses and a tiny church.

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It's not hard to find areas around Des Moines, Iowa that are growing. It's very chic to live in that part of the Hawkeye State these days. But, there's one town that's considered a suburb of Des Moines that is growing faster than almost any other.

What is Iowa's biggest boomtown?

Go Banking Rates says it's Ankeny, Iowa. In just the past 8 years, Ankeny has seen a growth of nearly 40%. That's stunning.

Wikipedia says that Ankeny, Iowa wasn't always that way though. They quote the Ankeny, Iowa Historical Society who said:

In 1881, the town of Ankeny consisted of seven houses, a Methodist Church, a depot, a combination store/post office, livery stable, a blacksmith shop, rooming house, machine shop, and a school.

What is Ankeny, Iowa's population now? Wikipedia estimates that as of 2022, it was around 72,222. That's a major jump for a town that used to only have a handful of houses and a stable.

What makes Ankeny, Iowa so appealing? Area Vibes says the crime rate there is 45% lower than the national average. Here's the shocker, though. 24/7 Wall St says the cost of living for Ankeny, Iowa is below the national average. Yes, there are elite homes there for the rich and/or famous, but a regular person making a livable wage can enjoy life there, too.

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