Fashion is a funny thing, isn't it? Something can be totally "in" one day and then considered ugly the next. Then, decades later, it suddenly becomes cool again. The cycle never ends!

This morning, we talked a little bit about fashion from the past few decades, but the focus wasn't on clothes. It was all about the HAIR. A new survey of 2,000 women from StudyFinds revealed that the 80s is the most iconic decade when it comes to hairstyles, followed closely by the 90s and the 70s. In addition, the article says:

"Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Hair Biology, the survey shows that the average woman has experienced four completely botched hairstyles over the years, six different haircut styles, and four dye jobs."

Unfortunately, I missed out on all the fun hairstyles from the 1980s. I missed out on a lot of good ones in the 90s, too! I was born in 1991 and spent a good chunk of my childhood with a layered bowl cut. Thanks, mom.


In the early 2000s, I was super into "crimping." I would braid my wet hair into a ton of tiny braids, go to sleep, and then wake up the next morning and undo them all. I thought it looked SO GOOD. I even did it for various school and sports photos, as you can see below:


My mom had a pretty iconic hairstyle in the early 90s! You can see her photo and a bunch of others that were submitted by listeners on Facebook in the gallery below:

Iowans Show Off Their Iconic Hairstyles from Previous Decades

Do you have a photo of one of your favorite hairstyles from a previous decade? Share it with us in the comments below!