The spookiest time of year has finally arrived!

Halloween is now just a few weeks away, but you definitely don't have to wait until then to celebrate! Halloween events have already begun across Eastern Iowa, and that includes lots of haunted attractions. One of them is Circle of Ash in Central City, which we've been giving away tickets to this week. For one of our giveaways, we asked listeners to send us photos of their best Halloween costumes EVER. The results were AWESOME. Here are a few of our favorites:

Iowans Show Off Their Best Halloween Costumes Ever

We love creative Halloween costumes! Here are a few of our favorites submitted by listeners on Facebook:

Gallery Credit: Courtlin

I've always been a big fan of Halloween, but my love has grown exponentially over the past few years. I would say that I now consider it my favorite holiday (yes, that includes Christmas). Every year, Brain and I do a morning show costume together, and then I will typically do a separate costume for any other Halloween events. Last year, our morning show theme was Robin Williams characters. Brain went as Mrs. Doubtfire and I was Alan from the movie Jumanji. Since I spent so much time making that costume, I needed something easy for my friend's Halloween party. I ended up ordering a White Castle Slider costume. It was AWESOME. Here are some of my favorite costumes over the years:

Courtlin's Favorite Halloween Costumes

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE Halloween! Here are some of my favorite costumes that I've worn over the years!

Gallery Credit: Courtlin

Do you have an epic Halloween costume? We would love to see it! Post yours in the comments or by shooting us a message on our station app!

To check out a full list of haunted attractions in Eastern and Central Iowa, click HERE.

Eastern Iowa Apple Orchards & Farms to Check Out This Fall

Now that September has arrived, fun fall activities are on the way! We put together a list of apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and farms here in Eastern Iowa that you can visit with the family these next several weeks. Here are 22 of the places we found:

Gallery Credit: Courtlin

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