It's happened to all of us at one point or another: you're singing along with a song on the radio (loudly), and someone around you stops you and says, "wait... what did you just say?"

Song lyrics can be hard to understand sometimes. Maybe it's the weird way an artist says something, maybe the background music is a little too loud, or maybe you just weren't listening carefully enough. Whatever the reason, it's always hilarious when you realize that you've been singing the wrong words to a song for an extended period of time.

My favorite misheard lyric incident happened to me when I was very young. As a child of the 90s, the song "Waterfalls" by TLC was always a favorite of mine. But, for some reason, I always thought the line "don't go chasing waterfalls," was "go, go Jason Waterfalls." As if the group was telling someone named Jason Waterfalls to go away. I wish I could say that I figured out the correct lyrics right away, but it wasn't until adulthood that I finally realized my error.

Do you have a song that you always mishear the lyrics to? Here are some of the best responses from our Facebook page:

  • Amy Wilcox - "John Lennon's 'Imagine.' I thought he was singing, 'you may say I'm a demon, but I'm not the only one.' Gives a whole new meaning to the song."
  • Gwen Van Dee - "'Another one bites the dust' is 'another one rides the bus' to this teacher's ears."
  • Heather Workman Benesh - "When Luke Combs says, 'I like a strong shot of whiskey, the way a Marlboro hits me,' I thought he said, 'the way your momma hits me.'"
  • Melanie McMayhem - "In the song 'Amadeus' when they say, 'Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,' I thought they were saying 'hot potato, hot potato, hot potato.'"
  • Jessie Theis - "The song 'I Do' by Mark Wills. My twin sister thought it was, 'I do, share a shoe.’ She still gets made fun of for that. Apparently sharing your shoes in the late 90s was romantic."
  • Tammy Perez - "The song by Ariana Grande 'thank u, next.' I would hear 'bacon, eggs.' Apparently, I was either really hungry or just wasn’t listening."
  • Drake Halblom - "In The song 'Dirty Deeds' by AC/DC, I always thought it said 'dunder jeep' not 'done dirt cheap.'"
  • Denise Binder Tracey - "I thought 'Body like a Back Road' by Sam Hunt said 'body like a bathrobe.' Still sing it that way to annoy my kids."
  • Ashley Neels - "'You Give Love a Bad Name' by Bon Jovi. I thought when I was younger that it was "you give love a bandaid."
  • Matt Deaton - "'Beast of Burden' by The Rolling Stones. I always sing 'never leave your pizza burning.'
  • Darla Luchtenburg - "I thought the line in Chris Stapleton's song 'Parachute' was 'I will be your pair of shoes' instead of 'be your parachute.'"
  • Laura Urbain - "Toto's 'Africa.' Instead of 'I blessed the rains down in Africa,' we thought it was 'I guess it rains down in Africa.'"

Share your hilarious misheard lyrics in the comments below!

We all get the lyrics to songs wrong from time to time!

Posted by 98.1 KHAK on Friday, November 6, 2020

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