Have you ever hurt yourself in a totally ridiculous way? If so, you're not alone!

Late last week, I set my phone down on the top of my couch and went to grab something. I guess I didn't set it down the right way, because seconds later the phone came tumbling down to the ground. The only problem? The phone didn't hit the ground. Somehow, the corner of the phone landed directly on the nail line of my left big toe. It may not sound all that painful, but it hurt for HOURS. I even have a gross-looking bruise to prove it! It's certainly not the stupidest way I've ever injured myself, but it is the most recent.

Have you ever hurt yourself in a really dumb way? We asked that question on Facebook this week and got a TON of responses. Here are some of the ones that made us laugh and/or cringe:

  • Shirley Girard - "I ended up falling and hitting my head on a dresser causing a concussion while trying to kill a spider on the ceiling."
  • Anna Faber Taylor - "I once sprained my wrist getting my nails done."
  • Brandon Tuttle - "Broke my right foot attempting to dance at the bar during karaoke four years ago. No joke."
Brandon Tuttle
Brandon Tuttle
  • Justin McNeal - "Bent over to pick up a sock and as I was coming back up, I threw my back out. Lifting a sock."
  • Roxanna Walker - "I poked myself in the eye with a spoon."
  • Jason Woods - "So 6 years ago on Christmas Eve it was -11° out, and I decided I was going to try that science experiment with boiling water. I did it, and while I was doing it I was recording it. I wasn’t thinking about the wind, so as soon as I threw that pot of water up in the air, it instantly blew right back into my face, causing 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on the left side of my face. It hurt right away, but after the initial shock and pain, it just felt like a really bad sunburn. I went and finished my last-minute Christmas shopping. About 3 hours later, blisters started forming. I went to the ER was told I had to go to the burn unit at the University of Iowa Hospital the morning after Christmas."
  • Mike Nowotny - "I was replacing drum brakes, and while pulling on a spring, I stabbed myself right above the eye with a pair of pliers. After getting stitches with my friend laughing the whole time, he went to finish them for me and did the same thing, minus the stitches."
  • Trisha Arnold Ender - "Got out of a hot tub at a hotel to push the buttons for the bubbles, slipped and fell and broke a toe!"
  • Kallie Herink - "I currently have a bruised tailbone from going down a bumpy slide at Thomas Park while playing with my kids."
  • Jamie Moore - "Threw out my back putting on pants."
  • Tania Moss - "Well... I swallowed a Starbucks can tab and it had to be surgically removed. I was 43-years-old, not 4."
  • Allie Lynn Blackford - "I was playing ding dong ditch at my neighbor's house and I ran back up to my house and ran through mud on her driveway and broke my tailbone."
  • Ashley Snyder - "I burnt my hands on a lid to a charcoal grill when I was 3."
Ashley Snyder
Ashley Snyder
  • Lisa York-Godwin - "I tripped over my cat not once, not twice, but three times, and broke my foot in three places. Even my big toe was black and blue."
  • Paige Lohf - "Going down a slip and slide down the bank into a river. Alcohol may or may not have been involved. I twisted my knee, and by morning, my knee was the size of a softball. I broke my tibial plateau and had to wear a knee brace and be on crutches for a couple of weeks."
  • Terry Smith-Squires - "When I was in my teens, I was riding my bike. I thought it would be neat putting my toes in the spokes to have it sound like a motor. Instead, it flipped my bike with my toes stuck in the spokes."
  • Nanci Dietiker-Paulsen - "When I was pregnant with my first, I was ironing (yes, back in the 70s when you ironed). I slid the iron right across the front of my very pregnant tummy. Always said I branded her mine right from the start."
  • Carol Thumma - " I was playing around outside on a piece of exercise equipment (the wrong way) and it collapsed. It threw me face-first down the paved driveway. I ended up with a fractured skull and eye socket."

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