If you listen to the morning show on KHAK, then you probably know that I'm notorious for hearing song lyrics wrong. And the worst part is, when I hear the wrong lyrics, I don't correct myself. I continue singing them wrong, gradually ruining the song for everyone around me.

For example, in 2016 when Blake Shelton released the song "Came Here to Forget," I did not hear the words, "back at the bar, thick as thieves." What I heard was, "back of the bar, sticky Steves." So what did I do? I started singing that line very loudly every single time I heard it. Now my friends can't remember the correct lyrics anymore.

I recently ruined another song for my coworkers, and I apologize in advance if I also ruin it for you. For some reason, I could not figure out what the heck Thomas Rhett was singing during the chorus of "Look What God Gave Her." I kept hearing, "look what God gave her, a perfect tee-mater." I legitimately thought he was singing the word "tomato" in a southern accent. Turns out he's singing, "how perfect he made her." Oops.

Do you have any funny misheard lyrics that you'd like to share with us? We had people on Facebook tell us some of theirs and they're hilarious:

  • Amy Wilcox - "John Lennon singing 'Imagine.' I thought it said, 'you can say I'm a demon, but I'm not the only one.' Gives a whole new meaning to the song."
  • Sandra Fischer - "'Parachute' by Chris Stapleton -- I thought the lyric was,
    'baby, I will be your pair of shoes.' Eww."
  • Jenifer Carstensen - "Finally had to Google the lyrics to 'Make It Sweet' by Old Dominion. I knew they couldn't actually be saying, 'Don't wanna waste another mile on a Mennonite kissing me.'"
  • Nikki Leigh - "'Thank you, next' from Ariana Grande sounds like 'bacon, eggs' to me..."
  • Lesley Franks Schooley - "A Christmas song called 'Dominick the Donkey.' First time I heard it I thought they were saying, 'time to lick the donkey.' I was like, what kind of weird Christmas tradition is that??"
  • Shayla Slager - "'Dirty Deeds' by AC/DC. When I was a kid I thought the chorus was, 'dirty deeds, bite my sheets.'"
  • Terry Crandall - "Tim McGraw's 'Live Like You Were Dying' - 'I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu,' or is it, 'I went 2.7 seconds, I'm a fool, man, I ain't you'?"
  • Mirssa Pierson - Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space.' I thought it was, 'lot of Starbucks lovers,' but it's, 'long list of ex-lovers.'"
  • Renee Steinberg Dostal - "A friend of mine was jamming, 'cannonball, cannonball,' instead of, 'Panama' by Van Halen. She was dead serious."
  • Lisa Marie - "Kenny Rodgers' 'Lucille'... when I was a child, I seriously thought they said, 'you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille, 400 children and a crop on the field.' Who has 400 children? SERIOUSLY."
  • Blake Shebek - "My grandfather thought Kenny Chesney’s 'She thinks my tractor's sexy' was, 'she takes her trash to Texas.'"
  • Deana Panos - "'Old Town Road' - I always thought they were saying, 'I’m gonna take my horse to the hotel room, I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more.' Totally changed the meaning of the song. I definitely thought it was a dirty song not talking about a horse!"

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