"Sexy" may be defined as, "sexually attractive or exciting," but defining the exact traits that make someone sexy is a little bit more difficult. Everybody has their own personal preferences, but there are a few traits that most people agree on.

Priceonomics recently published a survey from Ipsy, where 17,000 women of all ages and body types answered questions about sexiness. 65% of the women surveyed believe that confidence is a sexy trait, followed by humor at 54%, and intelligence at 53%.

But, exactly how many of these women consider themselves to be sexy? The survey revealed that, overall, 24% of them always feel sexy, 55% feel sexy “sometimes,” and only 9% never feel sexy at all. Another 11% apparently voted: “I feel weird calling myself that.”

Now, this survey was taken by women all over the U.S., which means that things differ from state-to-state. The states where women feel the sexiest are Florida, Alaska, and Delaware, and the states where women feel the least sexy are Maine, South Dakota, and Vermont. Where did Iowa fall on the list? Only 19% of Iowa women say they consider themselves sexy, which puts us on the un-sexy half of the list. 59% of Iowa women did answer "sometimes," while 10% said "no."

To be honest with you, I can count on one hand how many times I've ever felt "sexy" in my life. Maybe it's a lack of confidence, maybe it's my weird sense of humor, or maybe it's just my personality, but I don't mind. Just because I'm not "sexy" doesn't mean I'm not pretty cool! :)

Iowans: do you consider yourself "sexy?" Leave a comment with your answer!

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