In this day and age, you must always be aware of your surroundings, even when you're just out on a simple shopping trip. And when something doesn't feel right, take action. That's exactly what an Iowa woman did when she started to feel uncomfortable while doing some Sunday shopping.

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The woman (whose name has been removed) was shopping at Marshall's in Coralville on Sunday afternoon when she was approached by a man holding a pot in the pots and pans section. She describes the man as being "nicely dressed, really clean, and polished looking." She said that the man asked her "Do you cook with this?" in what the woman describes as "a thick, potentially African accent". The woman said he was nice and acted confused, so she tried to be helpful and answer his questions. That is, until his questions got a little too personal.

During the minute or less interaction, he asked her if she had a family, how many people, which she answered politely. But, when he asked "a husband and two kids?" that's when her "uneasiness shifted." She said she knew then that she wasn't walking out of the store alone.

She went to the checkout line, and soon realized the man was right behind her holding the pot. The woman immediately called a friend so she wouldn't have to engage in conversation, as the man was creeping closer, trying to get her attention. When she got to the register, she quietly told the cashier what happened, that she was nervous, and that she wanted an escort to her car. The man went to another line to checkout. The woman was escorted to her car by mall security.

She feels strongly that she knows what the man's motives were and that she doesn't think he was working alone. When you have that gut instinct, listen to it. It could save your life. The Facebook post explaining the incident has since been removed.

Stay aware, stay safe, and don't be afraid to speak up.

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